• Indoor Positioning

    GloPos patented positioning technology using algorithmic Intelligent Probability Hierarchy (IPH) calculates the position of a mobile device using any type of radio signal.
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  • Low Energy Consumption

    GloPos patented low-energy positioning system makes “always-on” location-based applications possible as it eliminates the battery drain.
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  • Outdoors. Indoors. Underground.

    No additional hardware is needed to locate accurately outdoors, indoors or even underground.
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Glopos Autonomous Inertia Navigation: Proof-of-Concept Demo

In 2015, GloPos started solving the final piece to the puzzle of indoor location mapping with a proof-of-concept of inertial navigation, providing the base for creating an autonomous mapping and positioning solution.

Global Coverage

Click link for detailed results from GloPos' China demo.
New technologies demoed: TDSCDMA, CDMA 1x, EV-DO (CDMA2000)

Download Report Here

First official field test in China on TD-SCDMA network

Download Report Here

In December 2014 GloPos performed a live positioning demos at Grand Gateway 66 shopping mall in Shanghai, China. All demos and videos were done with standard off-the-shelf mobile phones in China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom networks.

GloPos technology now offers full coverage of all network technologies globally (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, TDSCDMA, CDMA, CDMA2000, Wi-Fi, ...)

视频: GloPos在上海进行定位演示


GloPos Dollhouse 3D Positioning

GloPos introduces the world's most accurate 3D Wi-Fi based positioning! This time GloPos used Wi-Fi signals for positioning, adding first time the z-axis for automatic floor level detection in a dollhouse.

The demo was carried out in GloPos technology labs; it showcases the superior positioning performance of our patented algorithmic Intelligent Probability Hierarchy (IPH), capable of calculating the position of a mobile device using any type of radio signal.

Download Lab Report Here



GloPos Sub-meter Precision Test Results

GloPos applies its technology to Wi-Fi and achieves sub 10 centimeter accuracy in laboratory conditions.

Download Lab Report Here


Glopos Technology Uniqueness and Value Proposition

Glopos technology is unique in its universality. It can serve as an always-on and works-everywhere solution, indoor or outdoor, with minimal power requirements. In it’s core implementation, it can work everywhere that cellular signals (2G, 3G and 4G/LTE) are available, with no additional infrastructure or overhead, and using signals that are already gathered by the phone in call handling.

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Glopos Technology: 3G, 4G and WLAN demos 2014 (US and Finland)

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GloPos 3G(WCDMA)定位技术表演在美国加州圣克拉拉Westfield Valley Fair购物中心

GloPos 4G(LTE)定位技术表演在美国加州圣克拉拉Westfield购物中心

GloPos 3G(WCDMA)定位技术表演在芬兰赫尔辛基Sokos百货商店


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Patents Awarded

GloPos awarded US (Oct 2012) and EU patents (Jan 2013) for its revolutionary self-learning  and energy saving positioning technology.

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GloPos is a revolutionary technology that makes any mobile device location-aware, without the need for GPS and W-LAN. It is the first technology in the world that truly enables location applications to show the exact position of any cell phone indoors and even underground.


Indoor Positioning Accuracy Tests

GloPos, the developer of a software-only positioning technology that makes all mobile phones location aware -- outdoors, indoors, and even underground – has confirmed an indoor positioning accuracy of 7.7 to 12.5 meters in an independent test of its software conducted by VTT, The Technical Research Center of Finland. Read more>>


The Business Opportunity

GloPos truly kick-starts the indoor positioning and social location market, enabling brands and businesses to launch the location-based mobile search and advertising market to a whole new level.

The technology will also enable mobile device vendors to offer indoor positioning to any mobile phone, thus expanding the market massively.

A Revolution in Indoor Positioning

GloPos makes it possible to track devices outside and inside buildings with high accuracy, anywhere in the coverage area of any cellular network.

With GloPos and just an ordinary cell phone, users can find their way around and locate their friends and favourite places, wherever they are.

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